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House with a Pool

Roof and House Wash

Our roof and house washing technologies include mixing chemicals and soap that leave long lasting results! Ask us about our tile roof sealing services, which keep your roof clean for up to 3 years!

Pool Deck Cleaning

We know your pool is a place to relax and have fun! Let us do the hard work for you! Ask about the different sealant options we have to meet your aesthetic preference. We also have a slip-resistant option to keep your deck looking nice, and safe at the same time!

Driveway cleaning
Driveway sealing

Did you know that sealing your driveway has more benefits than just curbside appeal? Sealing your driveway can reduce how often cleaning is needed and reduce organic growth. If you need your driveway sealed, we can clean it and seal it to make it look brand new. We'll extend your driveway's lifespan and improve curbside appeal at the same time. 

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Trailer, vehicle, & RV wash

No one likes to drive down the road with a dirty trailer! The pros at Shark Pressure Washing will handle that for you. 

Pool cage cleaning

Can't stand looking up at a dirty pool cage? We got you! 

Wood cleaning

Please don't damage bare wood or painted wood with a high pressure DYI project! Our soft washing technologies clean without peeling paint or damaging wood.

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Concrete cleaning

We use chemicals to pre and post treat concrete, then use our high pressure surface cleaners to restore concrete back to its original look.

Fence Cleaning

Our fence cleaning services don't require pressure. We use our soft washing technologies to eliminate dirt, scum, and organic growth from making your fence looking unappealing. Ask us about how we safely preserve wood fences without damaging them with high pressure.

Stone clean & Seal

Level up decorative stone appeal by letting us wash it. Pictured above is a great example of sealed vs unsealed stone.

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Solar Panels


Fleet Washing

Solar panels are a great investment here in SouthWest FL. We keep them clean for both home owners and business owners to help increase and maintain their efficiency. Our soft washing and deionized water systems keep solar panels clean without the harm of harsh chemicals or unnecessary high pressure cleaning.

We offer window washing, storefront washing, drive-through wash, and more. Keep the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property by hiring Shark Pressure Washing; ask us about our competitive pricing packages.

Our industry standard two-step, no touch soap wash system keeps your fleet looking top-of-the line and professional. 

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